Why become a vip club member?

WilderTravel is a unique team home-based in Milton, Florida. Known for its customized, luxurious travel packages that never disappoint, WilderTravel club membership packages will help you take unforgettable vacations. Planning a trip is time consuming, but with our system, all you'll need to plan is your wardrobe and transportation for your curated VIP getaway.

If you don't have a destination in mind but are itching to get out and travel, check out some of the pre-planned vacation packages available to our VIP Club members by clicking here.  You are sure to find something that is on your bucket list from our menu of over 16,000 packages in 2016.

How can you travel on a budget?

We understand it can be hard to budget your spending money for a vacation. Look today at our club prices and will see how to take 4 & 5 star vacations for 2 & 3 star prices, guaranteed by the company.


Travel Agenda

Want to enjoy your vacation without sticking to a strict agenda?Our club creates curated vacation packages that many times include extras like tours, cooking classes, sporting and event tickets, but at such a bargain, you could skip the extras and still feel like you got the best value for the price you paid.